108 Westhampton Dr, Lexington, KY 40511


Growth Above All. 

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, V Consulting is a dominant force in the local marketing & sales industry. With a focus on in-person communication, V Consulting eliminates the gap between consumer and client, ensuring the satisfaction of the first and the growth of the second! Partnering with leading names in the fiber-optic, satellite, and telecommunication industries, our work is done with the utmost concentration, integrity, and enthusiasm.

Conjoining Lexington’s best talent and state of the art CRM software, V Consulting is an undeniable asset to the regional and national growth of our clientele. By garnering new customers on a daily basis, V Consulting offers what every business struggles with – a growing consumer base. Since we operate on a face-to-face level, our highly trained marketing & sales team ensures that brands are represented with valiant efforts and virtue.

With projections to expand into an additional 5 markets by 2020, it is important to us that we offer a work environment that is all-encompassing and encouraging. Using marketing & sales strategies that are easily replicated, we teach our team that by following a system and having superior customer service skills they can excel within the company. Growth is the name of our game, and it all starts with the development of our people through the care of our customers and clients.