108 Westhampton Dr, Lexington, KY 40511


The Start Of Something Great. 

At V Consulting, we believe that the work we do truly matters and makes a difference. Like all of the great companies who came before us – Apple, IBM, Coca-Cola, Microsoft – we have extreme confidence that the services we offer are game changers for clients. Driven by such a strong sense of purpose, the team at V Consulting is given limitless career opportunities in attempts the match the value they bring to clients. After all, how else do you reward such tremendous work than with growth beyond compare.

Careers at V Consulting start within entry level marketing & sales, and have opportunities to advance into management, human resources, accounting, advertising, and even branding roles. With ongoing training, new technologies at our fingertips and the benefit of a broker with 2 dozen years of experience, a career at V Consulting can be the start of something truly great.

We Look For: 

  • Positive Energy
  • Great social skills
  • Customer service ability
  • Desire for advancement
  • Love of travel and people
  • Entrepreneurial spirit

Start Something Great: